What does "wlonk" mean?

Oxford English Dictionary 1989 © Oxford University Press

Wlonk, a. (n.) Obs.

Forms: 1-4 wlanc, 1-3 wlonc, 2 wlong, 3-6 wlonk, 4 wlanck, vlanck, wlanke, wlaunk, wlonke, 4-5 wlank. [OE. wlanc, wlonc = OS. wlank: cf. Wlench v.]

1. Proud, haughty.

Beowulf 341 Ellenrof..wlanc Wedera leod..heard under helme. c1175 Lamb. Hom. 35 He wes prud & wlonc. a1225 Leg. Kath. 844 Nawt wið wit ah wið wind of ane wlonke wordes. a1300 Cursor M. 6397 þir Iuus þat o will war wlanck, þai cund him ai ful litell thanck.

2. Rich, splendid, fine, magnificent: in later use esp. as a conventional epithet in alliterative verse.

Beowulf 2833 Maðmæhta wlonc. a1000 Phœnix 100 Fugel feþrum wlonc. c1230 Hali Meid. (1922) 43 & tine wide wahes wlonke & welefulle. a1250 Owl & Night. 489 Sumeres tide is alto wlonc. c1325 Song of Merci 3 in E.E.P. (1862) 118 Wlanke deor on grounde gan glide. c1350 Will. Palerne 1634 A while wol i stinte of þis wlonke murþe. 13.. E.E. Allit. P. A. 122 Wod & water & wlonk playnez. Ibid. 903, I schulde not tempte þy wyt so wlonc. a1400-50 Wars Alex. 5089 A worthi wedow & a wlonk. c1400 Anturs Arth. 347 Wlonkest in wede. c1450 HOLLAND Howlat 553 Archebald the honorable..Weddit that wlonk wicht. 15.. Tayis Bank 118 (Bann. MS.) Joy wes within and joy without, Vnder that wlonkest waw.

b. Rich in moisture or sap; rank; lush.

1398 TREVISA Barth. De P.R. XI. xi. (Tollem. MS.), Snow..norischeþ and fedeþ good herbes and makeþ hem wlonke [orig. impinguit; ed. 1495 cranke; ed. 1535 ranke]. c1440 Pallad. on Husb. III. 449 The potters cley, the wlonk [uliginosa], or sondy lene,..nys nought.

B. as n. A fair or beautiful one.

?a1400 Morte Arth. 3338, I went to that wlonke, and wynly hire gretis. a1508 DUNBAR Tua Mariit Wemen 36 Of thir fair wlonkes,..Ane wes ane wedow. Ibid. 150 The wedo to the tothir wlonk warpit ther wordis.

So, why is this website named "wlonk.com"?

Since our website contains all kinds of miscellaneous things, we wanted a domain name that had no particular meaning. We started thinking of nonsense words, and "wlonk" came to mind. We have loved the word "wlonk" ever since we first happened upon it in the OED (we are a word-loving family and the OED is always nearby).

-- Keith and Julie Enevoldsen